Barriowealth is the collaboration platform that enables its members to create, provide and launch new projects, all within the platform, using its community resources. The platform is created for entrepreneurs, existing businesses and individual contributors seeking to lead projects. It leverages the sharing economy by stimulating a peer-to-peer collaboration to bring together resources from across the globe to work on a given goal.
Barriowealth is created with the democratization of work and labor in mind and acts as an agent on behalf of the customer to find the necessary resources for the customer’s project.






The creation of this logo arises as a consequence of trying to create an authentic image to transmit services related to the platform, visually attract potential users and seek a familiar graphic representation, simple and aesthetic with orange as the main color. Orange is the result of mixing red and yellow; two opposite colors that are contrasted in many of their meanings and associations. For this reason, when uniting them, orange often teaches us the true character of a feeling, thus reinforcing what is common to both of them.

Technologies Used

Front-end: React JS
Back-end: Laravel (PHP)
Database: MySQL 5.7


Infrastructure used in the project

Browser Support Supported browsers: The current version of Microsoft Edge (Windows) Internet Explorer 10 and 11 (Windows) The current and previous version of Firefox (Windows, macOS, Linux). The current and previous version of Chrome (Windows, macOS, Linux). The current and previous version of Safari (macOS) Android Supported browsers: Current version of Chrome on Android 4.1+. Chrome WebView on Android 4.4+ iOS Supported browsers: Mobile Safari on the current and previous major version of iOS. UIWebView and WKWebView on the current and previous major version of iOS. Current version of Chrome for iOS Hosting The platform is hosted on GCP (Google Cloud Platform), a leading suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search and YouTube. App Engine Flexible Instance Multi Regional Bucket Storage: SSD with Auto-Backups Technology Stack

The problem that the project solved

Barriowealth was born as an organic idea of the experiment of bringing people together from around the world to collaborate on initiatives of shared interest among industries, communities, organizations and benefactors. The platform leverages the usage of project management principles to bring teams together to work on projects that transform businesses, communities and individuals. Barriowealth is seeking to be the platform where communities face challenges and opportunities in an environment that promotes the right solution, at the right cost and with the right quality for the high social reach.


Winston Jiménez


+1 (585) 230 3776

[email protected]

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"There's always a chance to learn something new."

Juan Sanchez

Computer Science student from Universidad Central de Venezuela with knowledge in Javascript, Php, C, C++, Java and Python.

"Let life ruffle your feathers - Mafalda"

Katherine Aranguren

UniverSystems Engineer, Front-end Developer with knowledge in Javascript with ReactJs, bootstrap 4, MaterialUI, CSS and HTML. My goal is to learn every day something new and improve every day.

"Knowledge and wisdom is the real power"

Kharleann Cabrera

Computer science student, MERN developer, passionately interested in Artificial intelligence, scientific investigation and data science, animal rescuer, devoted believer that the future is now, a bunch of inconsistencies made person, I pet cats in my free time.

"If you don't try, you don't know if you can, just do it."

Carlos Pino

University student and WordPress course tutor. Full-Stack developer with knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJS, VueJS, NodeJS, PHP, Laravel, Python, Flask, Java, C/C++, C#, Unity, MySQL and MongoDB, also in social network management and basic knowledge in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Extensive experience in web site and application development. I enjoy learning, teaching and helping. I play soccer and in my free time I like to learn new tools and programming languages.

"Dream but don't fall asleep"

Ricardo Mejias

Programmer in NodeJs with knowledge in MongoDB.

Design Specialist & Community Manager
"You're not your resume, you're your job." -Seth Godin

Alejandra Colmenares
Design Specialist & Community Manager

I am 21 years old, soon T.S.U Advertising and Marketing, I like to watch Netflix and social networks.

Project Manager
"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us". –Gandalf

Elba Solorzano
Project Manager

I am an enthusiastic and hard working person with several years of experience in different areas. I am passionate about my work; I enjoy teamwork and adding value to the projects I am involved in. I have good communication skills, with clients, team and stakeholders. Ability to create and manage project planning, allocate resources and track progress. I test websites through browsers, operating systems and devices. Certification in Agile Scrum project management.

''We grow along with what we make grow''

Xavier Romero

Front-end developer with knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, specialized in ReactJS library.

''Don't expect to see your change if you don't''

Hector Vásquez

Full stack programmer, with domain in the languages of rust, javascript and c and the frameworks Holochain and Vue.js and libraries like React and express.

"Focus on the future, it's the only thing you can control''

Laura Zambrano

Computer Science student at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Back-end developer with knowledge in NodeJS, JavaScript, Laravel, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle. Eager to learn new things every day and always growing as a person.

''Sometimes the best way to come up with solutions is to rest''

Alejandra Vento

Front-End Developer. Student of the 7th semester of computer science and teaching assistant at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Knowledge in: HTML, CSS, React.Js, c/c++, Bootstrap.

''Success is shaped by the willingness to try, sacrifices and circumstance of failure.''

Carlos Iguaro

Systems engineer graduated from the National Experimental Polytechnic University of the National Armed Forces, developer and programmer of web applications. Proactive in programming and enthusiastic by the handling of the programming language JavaScript; handling of frontend frameworks such as, Angular2, ReactJs, Svelte and VueJS. Handling of server side JavaScript (NodeJs) and frameworks like Express and AdonisJs. Developer of desktop applications with ElectrónJs. Mastery of PHP programming language and frameworks such as Symfony, CodeIgniter and Laravel. Relational database management with MySQL and non-relational with MongoDB.

''I always go after the hard stuff, because in the easy stuff there's always a line.''

Jorge Espinoza

Programmer with more than 7 years of experience, I like to look for solutions and optimize them, passionate in the challenges of bringing the real world to the digital world, I am an ambitious person, motivated to change and achievements, adventurous and tireless.

''If you don't have any screws left over when you put something together, you did it wrong''

Jesús Martinez

Computer Science student at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. FullStack developer in training, fond of automotive mechanics and robotics. Developer by vocation, mechanic by hobby.

Design Specialist & Community Manager
"True ignorance is not the absence of knowledge, but the refusal to acquire it" - Karl Popper

Ginett Flores
Design Specialist & Community Manager

I am a person who loves my job, my goal is always to improve my skills. I always like to learn something new every day, that way I can overcome the challenges that come my way. I seek to acquire new skills in all fields, not just graphic design. Working in a creative environment allows me to develop my skills and exceed the goals that are set for me.

"God doesn't play dice"

José Gil

Bachelor of Science in Statistics at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). Specialization in Mathematical Statistics, Postgraduate Specialist in Data Analysis, more than 25 years of experience in Professional and Managerial Positions in Private and Public Companies, especially in Market Research, Risk Analysis and Insurance, as well as in the performance as Teaching Staff in different University Institutions of the Country. Preferred sport is Chess. Married. Three children.

Especialista en Design & Community Manager
"Making mistakes isn't wrong, what's wrong is not learning from them, you always have to keep going."

Brayan Iglesia
Design Specialist & Community Manager

Graphic designer. Photographer and illustrator. Music and food lover. I like to socialize and create new bonds. I am always learning. I am always looking for any help I can give. I love to speak English. I have a cat for a son and his name is "mine".

"There is a driving force more powerful than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will."

Alfredo Mujica

Systems Engineer of the Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica "Antonio José de Sucre" (UNEXPO). Back-end programmer with knowledge in: PHP, Laravel, C#, .NET, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL. Writer and scriptwriter in free time. Football player. Passionate about Japanese culture.

"The only thing impossible is what you don't try."

Sofia Alcalá
Design Specialist & Community Manager

Senior Technician in Graphic Design, Experience in Illustrator, After Effects and Photoshop. Responsible, creative, perfectionist, dedicated to learning and improving every day as a designer, I enjoy drawing. Loves animals and food.

"What you think you've learned is to really remember what you've lived."

Jesús Cabrita

I am a Front-End programmer with knowledge in Angular6, React-Js, Node-js, Javascript, postgreeSQL, bootstrap 4, HTML5 and CSS5, as well as a desire to acquire knowledge not only in the area in which I feel comfortable, but also in new areas. In this way, I can gradually improve the way I develop my work and the organization of it.

Project Manager
''Quality is an individual decision''

Alix V. Gutiérrez
Project Manager

Degree in Administration in Organization and Systems from the University Experimental "Simón Rodríguez". I love nature and also technology. I enjoy music, go to the movies and share with the Family. Expert in information gathering, solution design and advice for the management of information within the Organizations, improvement of processes, implementation of systems for automated workflow and document management development of user manuals, job description manuals, standards manuals and procedures, among others; Management of the areas of Quality, Administration, Accounting and Human Resources; Project management for the development of new web applications.

Human Talent Analyst
''Never give up. If anyone else can do it, you can do it too.''

Ana Duran
Human Talent Analyst

Senior Technician in Business Administration, mention Human Resources. Determined to continue my studies. Human talent analyst at EYSS, hardworking, responsible and punctual, always ready to give my best. I like to draw and read. I love chocolate. Grateful for the family I have.

Human Talent Analyst
Human Talent Analyst

Anny Lopez
Human Talent Analyst

Young Venezuelan woman, I am characterized by being optimistic, a fighter and committed to my work. I am a woman of faith, the being that drives my life is called God. Currently I am a human talent analyst in this wonderful organization called EYSS. It is there where I test my administrative knowledge in addition to acquiring the most pleasant experiences.

Gerente de Innovación
"One must imagine Sisyphus happy"

Alexander Hernández
Innovation and New Technologies Manager

Programmer, full stack MERN, fond of computer security, cryptography and holochain. Expert in Javascript and CSS3 with domain of: React.js, JQuery, Express.js, SQL, MongoDB, C, PHP, Rust, Java, C++ and Python.

Gerente de Desarrollo
Henry Lucena, gerente de Desarrollo, Edu Eyss

Henry Lucena
Edu EYSS Development Manager

Profesor de Informática graduado en el Instituto pedagógico Monseñor Arias Blanco con Especialización en Currículo de la universidad nacional experimental francisco de miranda. Esposo, Padre de una hermosa niña. Músico. Profesor de Informática. Conocimientos en: Adobe Creative Cloud, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Mysql, Jquery, Visual Studio, React y Laravel.

Gerente de Desarrollo
"If it can be imagined, it can be programmed"

Jonathan Pernia
Development Manager

Computer Scientist, Full-Stack Developer, with knowledge of web programming in Bootstarp, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.JS, NodeJS, Laravel, MySQL and MongoDB. Extensive experience in Front-End development.

Gerente de Creatividad y Marketing
Gerente de Creatividad y Marketing

Alix Gutierrez
Creative Manager & Marketing

Degree in Advertising, passionate about Graphic Design, (Cat Lover). Proud of my graphic design and marketing team. Specialist in UX/UI, creation of mockups for mobile and desktop applications, landing pages, websites, custom web systems, creation and monitoring of content for RRSS, E-mail campaigns, marketing strategies, digital communication products, advertising videos, animations and more. Knowledge in: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Wondershare Filmora, Hootsuite, Balsamiq, Administrative and Document Management Systems. Certifications and courses: Photoshop CC, Public Speaking for managers, Community Manager experience in news blog, SCAV of Consultation version 3.0, Commercial Specialist Certification in Document Management (ECGD), Certificate XII edition of Explosión Creativa. Hobbies: Pop Art, cinema and sugar.

Directora de ventas
Coromoto Borrero, directora de ventas

Coromoto Borrero
Sales Director

I'm known for being a hard-working, struggling woman. The challenges I set myself always succeed. Always in search of new goals. I am currently working at EYSS, as Sales Director. A job that meets all my expectations and makes me grow more every day.

COO Co-fundador
Gianni Cañas, COO Co-fundador

Gianni Cañas

Lawyer, graduated from Santa Maria University and with a specialization in international maritime trade with a mention in maritime law from the Maritime University of the Caribbean. Football lover. Founder of a legal office with experience in multiple branches of law. Experience in project management, careful with details, capable of handling complex situations and making viable decisions for conflict resolution.

CEO Co-founder
Eduardo Moreira, CEO Co-fundador

Eduardo Moreira

With a degree in Computer Science from the United States and an MBA from the University of Nottingham in the UK, he has led IT departments in construction, manufacturing and service consulting companies. He has extensive knowledge in areas such as ERP, business acquisition, infrastructure, development and data management, solving business problems with the use of technologies.